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Our Mission 

Empowering women through tackle football, our team is committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive community where athleticism, camaraderie, and personal growth flourish. With unwavering dedication, we aim to challenge stereotypes, break barriers, and inspire future generations, while consistently striving for excellence on the field and empowering each player to reach their full potential.

The Denver Bandits are a passionate, dedicated group of women's football players who aim to invest in each other every day on and off the field. We believe in cultivating relationships built on trust, effort, hard work, and respect. Our team offers a diverse group of women who bring unique and high-level skill sets to our games. If you’re looking to sponsor and support a women's sports team, we are confident that the Denver Bandits are the right choice for you.

Invest in Women's Football

About our team

The Denver Bandits, founded in 2019, have a great passion for women's football and strive to elevate it to the forefront of the sports world. We are proud to be the only Colorado-based team competing in the Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC), where teams compete under modified NCAA college football rules playing 11 on 11 full field tackle football. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in the cancellation of the 2019 season, the Bandits have successfully competed in the WNFC, gaining a record of 15-12 over four years. We have had the privilege of making two playoff appearances and one western conference championship appearance.

Off the field, the Denver Bandits are committed to giving back to the community through volunteer initiatives and youth clinics. Our team has had the honor of collaborating with various organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of Denver, Gold Crown Foundation, and local non-profit organizations, in order to make a positive impact on the Denver area. We believe that giving back to the community is an essential part of our mission, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to make a difference in the lives of those around us.

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