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Unlocking Opportunities: Empowerment Through Sponsorship

The Denver Bandits invite you to join us in a journey of empowerment and excellence! Join us on this exciting journey as we empower women through tackle football, challenge norms, and strive for excellence. Together, we can elevate women's sports to new heights


The Denver Bandits proudly compete in the Women's National Football Conference (WNFC). Our record of 15-12, over our first 3 seasons, speaks to our dedication, and our two playoff appearances, including a trip to the Western Conference Championship game, reflect our commitment to achieving greatness on the field.

In women's sports, players still carry the financial burden to play the game they love. Your sponsorship can ease this load, allowing our athletes to focus on honing their skills and competing at the highest level. Additionally, your support brings us closer to the league's goal of providing athletes with the opportunity to play professionally. Whether you're a local business looking to invest in your community or an individual who shares our passion for women's football, we welcome you to join our team.

For inquiries or questions, please reach out to John Lutz at


Together, we can champion the cause of women's football and make a significant impact on the lives of our athletes.

Our Mission:

Empowering women through tackle football, the Denver Bandits are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive community where athleticism, camaraderie, and personal growth flourish. With unwavering dedication, we aim to challenge stereotypes, break barriers, and inspire future generations. We consistently strive for excellence on the field while empowering each player to reach their full potential.

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